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I was listening to Carson and Annelise play together with a kinetic sand bucket the other day, and heard some sayings that pretty much can only come from a five year old. They were playing pirates when I heard the following exchange:

Annelise: Are the pirates in Colorado?
Carson: No, they’re in California. Only pirates live in California.
Yep, I’m training him well. This was followed a few minutes later by Carson narrating the following:
Carson: And the pirates buried their treasure and marked it with an X, and a sign that said “Please Do Not Touch.”
Must have been the Polite Pirates.
Finally, in what I can only imagine was a different game and scenario:
Carson: And the scientists, said, “Don’t touch it,” and everyone listened to them because scientists are the smartest and richest.

Meet Annelise

Wow, it’s been a while…but we’re still here, we promise! Well, actually, by “here” I don’t mean in Denver…because we moved to Houston! The last few months have been filled with some pretty big life changes, but lots and lots of great memories and happy moments. But the biggest and happiest of all has been the arrival of our new baby girl. Because nothing else that’s happened is as important or wonderful as this, let’s just skip all the other events for now and focus on her. :)

Meet Annelise Lyman, born Friday, April 5 at 2:53 PM. She’s 7 lbs, 4 oz, 20 inches long, and simply perfect:

a pic-14


Annelise is wonderful. She’s a calm, alert, peaceful baby who sleeps and eats well (but not to say that she doesn’t have a problem letting us know if she’s upset :)). And she’s fitting right into our family. There’s something so amazing and special and miraculous about welcoming a new child into the world, and into a home. It’s hard to express, but all I can say is that it only gets more wonderful the second time around. Harder, yes, in lots of ways. But easier in others. But maybe all of that is part of what makes it so wonderful. This past week, since she’s come, Josh has been home off work the whole time, and it’s been such a wonderful, family-focused week. Carson is doing really well with Annelise and is already asking to hold her. He likes to “pet” her hair and point out her fingers and toes. Once she was flailing her hands around, the way newborns new, and bopped him on the nose. He thought that was hilarious and kept trying to get her to do it again.

And Annelise is doing really well with Carson. :) So far no accidental injuries (though I feel like we’ve come close: “Watch her head! Don’t poke her eyes! Be soft!”). And Annelise loves to look at Carson, just like she likes to look at all of us.

So that’s our little family of four lately! I’ll try to catch you up on all the other huge life changes, too. Eventually. :)