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I was listening to Carson and Annelise play together with a kinetic sand bucket the other day, and heard some sayings that pretty much can only come from a five year old. They were playing pirates when I heard the following exchange:

Annelise: Are the pirates in Colorado?
Carson: No, they’re in California. Only pirates live in California.
Yep, I’m training him well. This was followed a few minutes later by Carson narrating the following:
Carson: And the pirates buried their treasure and marked it with an X, and a sign that said “Please Do Not Touch.”
Must have been the Polite Pirates.
Finally, in what I can only imagine was a different game and scenario:
Carson: And the scientists, said, “Don’t touch it,” and everyone listened to them because scientists are the smartest and richest.

Those sheets…

A funny conversation ensued between Paige and I recently. We’ve changed the comforter on our bed to a nice, thinner one, but for a while the comforter always seemed to end up much more on Paige’s side of the bed by morning than normal. Paige started a conversation by saying:

“I don’t know what it is about this comforter, but somehow it always ends up all on my side!”

And that was actually the end of the conversation as I a bit too caught up having a good chuckle. :)

Our children have the same parents

We use iPhoto right now to hold all of our photos, and one of the main draws is the facial recognition it does. It’s really awesome to be able to click a button and see all of the photos of Carson, or of Annelise, or of Paige and I together. It’s the future.

One fun thing is running through the photos the program isn’t sure of and classifying “Is or Is Not _______.” In the case of the screenshot below I was classifying pictures of Annelise, and it just so happened that it brought up some of her newborn pictures… and one of Carson. And I had to do a double take—Carson looks just like she does, or Annelise looks just like Carson. Judge for yourself, but I suppose they must have similar genes!

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.53.32 PM