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Hi, we’re the Lymans!


Meet the authors:

head-new-largeHi! I’m Joshua. I love reading books to my kids and seeing what things they invent. I love white tic-tacs and fudge. Ooh, and M&Ms. And Red Vines. And actually most candy. I’m an independent tech consultant and working to start a new business. I love learning new things. I’m married to the best girl in the whole world and have the cutest kids imaginable. I’m looking forward to life and the future.

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Hi, I’m Paige! I love Josh and the kids, living where we do, chocolate ice cream with Oreos, going to the gym, children’s books, working on a project, graphic design, building forts, wresting/tickle fights/horsey rides with the kids, writing, planning, HEB, parodies, and listening to music. I’m not particularly fond of pickles, cleaning bathrooms, or driving cars. And I simply can’t stand going through a day without chapstick.

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Hi, I’m Carson! I’m six years old. My favorite animal is a cobra. My favorite color is black. I like to go to school, play pretend, pretend to be a cobra, and draw. My favorite food is pizza. I don’t like onions. I would like to have more sisters. Bye bye!

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My name is Annelise. I am four. My favorite food is watermelon, and I like playing with ponies and unicorns. And I also like to go on walks. And I want more brothers.

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Grace is not quite one year old. She likes smiling at people and making lots of cute noises. She doesn’t like car rides. She’s the biggest blessing in our family right now and brightens everyone’s day!

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3 thoughts on “About Our Family

  1. Hi Paige & Josh!

    I’m so glad you guys have this website. I will look forward to reading all of your posts!!!


    Melissa & Byron :o)

  2. Hi beautiful Lyman family!!!

    God is so miraculous! I thank him everyday for allowing us the blessing of crossing one another’s path. Even though the time as neighbors was short our friendship will always remain. I thank you for the sweet time shared, the sweet treats, and the family time spent. Josh, Paige, Carson, and sweet lil bundle of joy growing inside, lol, you all have touched my heart and family in such a way that I am so grateful to have been your neighbors. Thank you Paige for my gift, I am reading it, and for sharing your special moments in your family blog. Thank you friends! Miss u much!

    May God continue to bless you all as you continue to be a blessing to others!

    Much love,

    ~~Shana, Michael Jr., Mishon, and Princess~~

  3. Thanks so much, Shana! We miss you, Michael, Mishon, and Princess, too! You were the best neighbors we could have had. :) Thank you so much!


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