I was listening to Carson and Annelise play together with a kinetic sand bucket the other day, and heard some sayings that pretty much can only come from a five year old. They were playing pirates when I heard the following exchange:

Annelise: Are the pirates in Colorado?
Carson: No, they’re in California. Only pirates live in California.
Yep, I’m training him well. This was followed a few minutes later by Carson narrating the following:
Carson: And the pirates buried their treasure and marked it with an X, and a sign that said “Please Do Not¬†Touch.”
Must have been the Polite Pirates.
Finally, in what I can only imagine was a different game and scenario:
Carson: And the scientists, said, “Don’t touch it,” and everyone listened to them because scientists are the smartest and richest.

Guess that movie

We’ve been playing Guess the Movie, like 20 questions version, at our house a lot. Carson loves it. It gets old (for Josh and I) relatively quickly because the kids really haven’t seen that many movies, but it’s still fun. Tonight Carson was thinking of the movie and we were guessing.

Annelise: “Does it have a villain? Is it laminated?”

(Get it? Animated?)


Mother’s intuition

You know sometimes as a parent, you have that mother’s/father’s intuition that clues you in and helps you make the best choices?

And then sometimes you don’t.

Like yesterday morning when Annelise was supposed to be doing her little morning chores, and she was being reluctant and disobedient about it all morning while I was trying to stay firm. And then she started practically crying that her stomach hurt and she felt like she was going to throw up, and I sat down and pulled her onto my lap to give her a lecture on being overly dramatic.

And then she threw up.

At least she was smiling not too long after.

(We still don’t know why she threw up. She never had any other symptoms at all, and after a bath and a nap she said she felt fine and her stomach felt better. So either it was just a fluke thing she ate or we’re dealing with a way better actress than we thought, a mini Ferris Bueller in the making…)