Family reunion to Seacrest Beach, Florida

We had an awesome family vacation a few weeks ago to Seacrest Beach with my mom, all of her siblings, my grandma, and all of the included cousins and kids of cousins. We’re a growing family now! Beaird family reunions were a staple of summer activities growing up. Now that we’re getting so big, they haven’t happened quite as often, so this Beaird family reunion, when so many of us (40+!) could be there and talk and laugh and have fun, was a treat.

There were so many awesome memories and hopefully more great photos to share, but here’s just a small taste. We loved riding bikes, stopping for frozen yogurt, hanging out at the beach house, eating big dinners together, going to the splash pad, and of course the beach! I think Carson and Annelise loved the beach the most. Carson could sit in the sand and play for hours. And Annelise loves the water. We have some awesome beach babies!

IMG_2570 IMG_2595 IMG_2611 IMG_2624

Oh, wait. I just realized this bike picture isn’t ver representative. I towed the kids a grand total of about 5 minutes out of all the hours of biking we did. Josh was the never-complaining kid taxi the rest of the time, and he was awesome about it.

Snow Beach

Ah, Snow Beach. The classic snow cone summer hot spot of my childhood. Now passing on the tradition to my own kids… We had a great Snow Beach trip with my family not too long ago. My dad totally spoiled Annelise with the numerous bites he was giving her. :)

I Won’t Give Up

So you know the song I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz? There was a period not too long ago when Carson haaaaated that song. No, not just hated. He was, like, terrified of it or something. Any time it came on in the car, he would say “Not this one” over and over in an increasingly desperate voice, and if we didn’t switch the song he would eventually break down in tears. It was the saddest, weirdest thing. We have no idea why that song in particular, why the intense dislike. Carson’s never been like that for another song. He usually loves music and points out his favorites. It totally baffled (and, okay, admittedly slightly entertained) us.

This face was typical of a I-Won’t-Give-Up episode if we let it go too far:


Luckily the phase has passed now. :)