Laughing face with tears of joy 

Did you know that this was the OED’s word of the year?

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.03.40 PM

My friend Lisa told me. :) And yes, that’s an emoji. 😂 is actually the word of the year. “Face with tears of joy.” Pretty great, right?

I thought it was timely, because I just had this conversation with my family today. My parents and siblings are in another state and I was telling them I’ll miss them over Thanksgiving.


I only have one thing to say about that text message thread: 😂

How Annelise and Carson draw people

Annelise has recently learned how to draw people:

She says it’s a picture of Carson. I love it! I love seeing how kids draw people. And I’m so proud of Annelise! She’s not even three yet.

For fun, here’s the way Carson drew people when he was first learning how:


Carson say’s it’s Mary and baby Jesus (left) and Joseph.

Annelise probably learned by watching Carson. I think it’s fun to see how similar their drawings are.  :) Well, except for the smile. Carson’s characteristic smile is a curved line that goes up so high it touches the eyes. Carson laughed at Annelise’s straight-line mouth. But I bet she’ll master smiles soon. :)

So intellectual

Me and Josh, after finishing an episode of The West Wing (which contained multiple references to classical literature):

Josh: I love watching The West Wing.

Me: Yeah, The West Wing is great. And watching it makes me feel so intellectual, too.

Josh: Yeah.

Me: It’s like…like … Oh, I had this really great metaphor. But it slipped away.

Yes. So intellectual.