Our family recently took a trip to Utah (pictures to follow!). The weather was beautiful, but of course colder than anything here in Texas lately.

Then this morning Josh and Carson were watching a video about space.

Video: Planet Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and yet parts of Mercury are among the coldest places in the solar system.

Carson: Oh, you mean like Utah?

Poor Texas-raised Carson. He thinks Utah in the fall is equatable to the coldest parts of the solar system. ;) Wait until we go to the mountains of Colorado for Thanksgiving…

Some prints Walmart is currently processing for me

On Saturday I helped my mom clean out my parents’ garage. It was an adventure. There were still unopened boxes when we were finished, but we went through a lot. My favorite part was getting to keep things my mom didn’t want anymore – one of which was a multiple-slot picture frame (and now you know which pictures are going in it). We also scored a cheese board, a question game, and some cake pans. Thank you, mom!

Actually, the best part was going through old memories, reminiscing and laughing and remembering things I haven’t thought about in years, like the mystery dinners we used to have when I was a Mia-Maid, or the family ski vacation we took when I was in high school, or the custom scripture mastery card game I made for my seminary class as a sophomore. It’s a great way to kind of forget about your present troubles and just kind of time travel for a bit.

So there you go. I challenge you to go do some time-traveling of your own!