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I was listening to Carson and Annelise play together with a kinetic sand bucket the other day, and heard some sayings that pretty much can only come from a five year old. They were playing pirates when I heard the following exchange:

Annelise: Are the pirates in Colorado?
Carson: No, they’re in California. Only pirates live in California.
Yep, I’m training him well. This was followed a few minutes later by Carson narrating the following:
Carson: And the pirates buried their treasure and marked it with an X, and a sign that said “Please Do Not Touch.”
Must have been the Polite Pirates.
Finally, in what I can only imagine was a different game and scenario:
Carson: And the scientists, said, “Don’t touch it,” and everyone listened to them because scientists are the smartest and richest.
Turning Point - a great new BYU TV series

Hooked on Turning Point

Turning Point - a great new BYU TV series Josh and I have a new favorite TV show (even though we don’t really have TV). No, it’s not Psych—even though we like that, too—it’s an even better show called Turning Point on BYU TV. One Sunday night we flipped on BYU TV and this show came on. It was talking about these really depressing stories of kids in foster homes with no hope, and people who had no healthcare, and we said to ourselves, “What is this depressing show?” But over the next hour as we watched, we were amazed as the stories unfolded and we learned about amazing, creative, selfless things that people were doing to help those around them.

The show features inspiring stories of people who see social problems around them and do something about it, often in innovative or big ways. It’s incredibly inspiring, and both of us have shed a few tears (well, more than a few, in my case) as we’ve watched the episodes. It’s so great to see people doing things for others, and also a great refreshing take on television: something that’s uplifting and real, and also high quality and very well done.

Want to watch for yourself? All of the episodes are online and you can watch them any time. Here are a few of our favorites. We really hope you check it out.

  • Josh’s Favorite: Echo Clinic and San Pasqual Academy Echo Clinic and San Pasqual Academy - Play Episode– This is the first episode we watched, and talks about an incredible new take on foster children care and education, as well as an incredible model of community-provided healthcare. So great!
  • Paige’s Favorite: Or really, one of many! It’s so hard to choose. But I love the story of Whitney Elementary Whitney Elementary - Play Episode– prepare to have your heartstrings tugged! An elementary school with a large population of homeless/underprivileged children finds donors to provide food, clothing, and more to its students.