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Carson and Annelise have been really into drawing lately. They draw a lot – a LOT. Over the summer it seemed like they drew for at least an hour every day.

I love it! I love seeing their cute drawings and what their creative little minds come up with. I love looking at the adorable way they draw people, or salamanders, or dinosaurs, or characters from Star Wars. So cute!

But also, so much paper. SO much paper. Josh and I are happy to give it to them. We love seeing their creativity grow. But there’s just so so so much paper all over the house. So many drawings! I hated to trash them all, but there were just too many to store.

That led to the creation of Carson and Annelise’s very own blogs:

You should check them out. They’re pretty great. Sometimes I’ll just take a picture of a drawing and post it on my own, but they like it when they can sit down next to me and dictate the title and tags for a post. So cute. :)

(Oh, and the app that has made my life so much easier as far as blogging artwork goes is PhotoScan by Google Photos. It’s an app that’s made for digitizing old photographs, but I found it works awesome for artwork, too.)

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