Out of the mouth of Carson

Carson: “I have to tell you something. Jellyfish don’t have brains, but the only jellyfish that has eyes is the Australian Box Jelly.”
Mom: “The only one that has eyes?”
Carson: “It has twenty-four eyes.”
Mom: “That’s interesting. But how can it have eyes without a brain? When you see your eyes send a message to your brain, which is how you see. Where do the Australian Box Jelly eyes send their message?
Carson: “I guess they just send it to the top of its head.”

Mom: “The ants go marching eight by eight, the little one stops to…”
Carson: “Take a date.”
Mom: “Take a date? What does that mean?”
Carson: “You know, take his wife on a date.”

Carson: “I know how to litter, but I’m not going to litter, because it’s bad and if you do it too much, you go to jail. And then you die.”

Carson: “The germs are having a germ party, and normally they get together and feast on a dead tiger. But if it’s a special day, they get to feast on a dead deer.”

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