Mispronunciations that Annelise makes that actually make a lot of sense

1. Dark Vader
instead of “Darth Vader”

E.g., “I like the parts of Star Wars with Dark Vader in them.”

Darth Vader’s from the Dark Side. He wears dark clothing. Why wouldn’t he be Dark Vader?

2. Bathtized
instead of “baptized”

E.g., “Will I be bathtized when I’m eight?”

Bath – when we enter water to get clean
Baptism – when we enter water to get clean

I can see the confusion.

3. Shoes-on
instead of “shoes”

E.g., “I can’t find my shoes-on!”

From years of hearing, “Annelise, go get your shoes on!”

4. Older nuff
instead of “old enough”

E.g., “When I’m older nuff, can I wear a fancy gold necklace like that?”

When you’re old enough, you are older, so “older nuff” makes sense, right? This same format applies to “bigger nuff” too.

5. Brave of
instead of “brave”

E.g., “I’ll kill that spider. I’m very brave of bugs.”

If you’re scared of something, why wouldn’t you be brave of something? :)

These things are super cute. I had to write them down before Annelise grows up and stops making these adorable speech errors. I know I’ll miss them.

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