Dad of the year

I just love these two guys:

They’re at a father/son date at Sonic. Josh and I have been trying hard to keep up one-on-one date nights with the kids. We unfortunately haven’t been able to change the definition of “date night” in our kids’ minds. (Right now date night = Sonic slush.)

But I just wanted to say how amazing Josh is. It’s been a long year with a long pregnancy and now a newborn and postpartum mother, and Josh has done so much all year long, from cooking dinner and doing dishes to taking the kids to school and taking them out on dates. (And taking me out on dates, which is even better.) I don’t know how I ended up with the best husband in the world, and I just wanted to brag on him a little. :) Joshua is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Dad of the year

  1. Josh, you are indeed amazing. Paige, never underestimate the great job you do as well. You are such a kind, caring mother. Your kids are cute, funny and so fun to watch :o)

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