Lone stars and lonely stars

Ever since Carson learned about the state of Texas in preschool last year, any time he and Annelise see the Texas flag, they yell excitedly, “The lone star!”


Texas, the Lone Star state. Nice that they can identify the flag, right? And makes me as a Texan proud. But I was a little confused by their tendency to blurt out, “The lonely stars!” any time they saw the American flag.


I kept trying to correct what I thought was a mistake until they finally offered an explanation. Apparently all the little stars on the American flag are lonely because their dad (the Lone Star) is away, off adorning the Texas flag. Makes perfect sense, right? 😂

1 thought on “Lone stars and lonely stars

  1. LOL! that makes me want to be from Texas where the Father of all the Stars is working hard to protect all the rest of us lonely ones! Too cute! thx for sharing that.

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