How It’s Made

Carson’s been on a “How’s It’s Made” kick. You know that show that explains how things are made? This one about soap is his favorite.

We’ve watched it lots and lots and lots of times. The music is totally the best part, right? This video prompted Carson to use words like extruderauger, and noodle plate in everyday play. Some others we’ve watched are golf balls, bowling balls, rubber bands, astroturf, glitter, and M&Ms.

The other day in the store Carson said this:

“Let’s watch How It’s Made: People”!

He caught me off-guard and I just laughed out loud. Carson knew he was being silly, too. Later I asked him about it and he said, “No, we can’t watch How It’s Made: People. Because Heavenly Father made people!”

I’m glad he’s got that straight.

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