Our big life change

Josh quit his job on Friday. He’s going to start working for himself again. That’s what he did to put himself through college, and it’s a change we’ve kind of been gravitating toward for a while now. And it’s finally time.

We’re all excited. Josh is excited to be working for himself, to be able to take more control of what he’s doing and what he wants to build his career as. We’re all excited about more time together as a family.

On Friday we had a party to celebrate. While Josh was at work the kids and I got ready. We decorated the house with streamers, painted a “YAY FOR DAD” banner, went to the Dollar Store for supplies, rented a Redbox movie, and made a playlist of party music (“Celebrate, good times, come on!”).

IMG_1351 IMG_1354

The party was soooo much fun. Everyone loved it. We ate pizza and drank soda. We played Don’t Eat Pete. We went to the backyard and sprayed each other with squirt guns and threw water balloons. We built our own ice cream sundaes. We watched a documentary about the lemurs of Madagascar. Then we put the kids on our backs and hopped around like lemurs. We had a dance party.

The kids had a blast. When each activity ended, Carson would fuss and whine, saying he wanted to keep playing Don’t Eat Pete, or didn’t we have more water balloons? But within minutes he’d be happy doing the next party event. For me it was probably the most fun we’ve ever had with just us, all of us, as a family. It was so cute to watch Annelise get so happy over collecting her pile of M&Ms in Don’t Eat Pete. It was so fun hopping around like lemurs. Carson didn’t want to stop dancing! The evening was almost magical.

It feels like our little party was the perfect way to kick off this new life change of ours. It’s a big change, for sure. We’re excited, but of course we’re also a little anxious. I think it’s going to be great, though. We’ll keep you posted. :)

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