My telescope store


Note from mom:

In my closet I keep this big bucket of recyclables: paper towel tubes, jars and tubs and lids, cardboard, all sorts of random stuff. I add to it occasionally, and it’s made for some great craft supplies (or even a great activity: the kids love to just pull things out and play with them). One morning Carson was going through the box while I was getting ready and he found all of these cardboard tubes inside. When I suggested maybe we could do something with them, he said “We could have a telescope store!” So we went into our playroom and set it all up under the fort. Carson came up with all the prices, and I wrote them down for him. All that morning we played “telescope store,” taking turns pretending to be the store owner and the shopper. I love that he came up with this idea all on his own. He’s such a creative boy!


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