That mine’s


Note from mom:

First of all, when Annelise wants to say “mine,” she says “mines.” For the longest time I couldn’t figured out why until I realized, it’s the possessive S! Like Carson’s, Mommy’s, Daddy’s, mine’s. :) Cute.

Anyway, these are Annelise’s favorite toys. There’s Tigey, Cuddle Bear, Kitty Cat, and Baby June (named after a baby in our ward). She sleeps with Tigey, Cuddle Bear, and Kitty Cat every night and nap. Cuddle Bear is the absolute favorite because AnneliseĀ uses it to suck her thumb, but she’ll still whine if she doesn’t have all three. She often walks around the house holding all of them in her arms, plus any other animal or doll she’s into that day (like Baby June). This day I showed her how she could use the stroller to push them all around, and she was pleased about it. Oh, and that pink hat is another favorite. She wears it all the time, indoor or out.

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