An exchange between me and Carson

Did I mention we’ve been potty training?

“mommy! i need you to help me put on my big boy underwear and pants!”

“okay, carson. then it’s back to playtime.”

“don’t open the toilet.”

[pause suspiciously] “why?” [open toilet to see huge wad of toilet paper clogging the whole bowl]

“carson! no, no! that’s very bad! why did you do that? you’re in big trouble.”

“but it was because of the water. don’t open the towel.”

“what towel?” [pull up a sopping towel over a huge puddle in the corner]

“carson! how did that get there!”

“i didn’t push it out from the toilet.”

“then how did it get there!”

“from the sink. out in the kitchen.”

“carson. is that true?”


And now we’ll be telling-the-truth training…

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