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On finances

From Carson:

Pricey means it costs a lot of money, but we can buy it. Expensive means it costs a lot but we can’t.

Like when Dad said, “Oh, that meat is a little pricey.” And I said, “Dad, it’s okay, we can buy that meat. It’s only pricey, not expensive.”


This is Dragony. He came from a candy store. A candy store is a place where there’s lots of candy and some toys. He had a sad face. I liked his sad face. He’s a dragon. A nice dragon. He’s a stuffed animal. He’s in my room. And he came from Colorado. I like him. And we flew on an airplane. That’s all!

What are you doing, Carson?

I’m doing all the work is what I’m doing. Annelise isn’t doing as much work as I was expecting.

Note from Mom:

The kids were being so cute coloring chalk on the driveway the other day. They were drawing themselves beds and Carson was so nice, drawing Annelise’s for her. But I guess he wouldn’t have minded a little more help. :) ¬†

My new school

Hi, I’m at school! So, I got my All About Me poster. I have more stuff to say! I have a funny face with a tongue sticking out. I colored my All About Me poster gold because that’s my favorite color, blue and gold. And yellow and green and orange and red and a little bit of white all around.


This is me outside my school classroom on the first day of school. I got my backpack and water bottle. I’m wearing my favorite pants that are striped and a blue shirt. I’m outside my school room, and I like my school a lot! Goodbye!