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Halloween 2012

What a great Halloween it was. We took Carson for his first time trick-or-treating, and he definitely liked it. (We went to a ward trunk-or-treat party, too, but we didn’t stay for the trunk-or-treating part, and and we didn’t have any good pictures to post.)

Trick-or-treating in our neighborhood the night of Halloween was a lot of fun, though. Carson dressed up as a monkey and Josh and I were zookeepers (though I don’t think anyone could really tell – oh, well. People could tell at the trunk-or-treat and that was fun). Josh carried him most of the time, and Carson held onto his candy bucket but became increasingly interested in the brightly-colored wrapped things people kept dropping in his bucket. All he wanted to do was pull all the candy out and hold it in his hands, ha. I don’t think he even knew really that you eat candy and it tastes good. He just like the bright wrappers.

After a round around the block we headed home and Carson got to dump out his bucket and hold all of his candy to his heart’s content. He loved picking it up, inspecting it, showing it to Mom and Dad, and finding a new piece to hold. And then we let him try a Milky Way and things just kept getting better. Now that he knows that all of that stuff in his bucket is actually edible and yummy, we’ve got to keep it hidden. ;) He caught me sneaking a piece from his bucket hidden in the pantry the other day and was a little hurt, I think. I admit I felt pretty guilty…but I did share. Does that make it okay?

Hope you had a happy Halloween, Carson! Here are some pictures of costumes and Carson enjoying his candy afterwards. He must have been kind of tired that night or something because he had this kind of blank glazed expression on his face the whole time, but we know he had a great time.

Free Chick-fil-A

If you can’t tell, we’ve been really into free food lately. A few weeks ago (or wait, is it months now? Yes, definitely months; this was pre-pregnancy; I’m a little behind on posting) we dressed up as cow’s for Chick-fil-A’s cow appreciation day and got free Chick-fil-A! Pretty much the best possible food to be had (especially for free!) on the planet. Carson slept through the whole thing, but Josh and I sure loved it. :) (Also, Josh is mooing in all his pictures.)


If you noticed we were pretty classy cows, we went to my cousin Hillary’s wedding reception right after. It was a beautiful reception and we’re so glad to have Braxton in the family! Plus we got the only other free food that can compare with free Chick-fil-A at the reception: free Coldstone ice cream. Yep, we were pretty stuffed by the time the night was over. Do you ever wish you were a bear and could eat tons of delicious food at once, like before hibernation, and then just be good for a day or two? That night I sure did.

Turning Point - a great new BYU TV series

Hooked on Turning Point

Turning Point - a great new BYU TV series Josh and I have a new favorite TV show (even though we don’t really have TV). No, it’s not Psych—even though we like that, too—it’s an even better show called Turning Point on BYU TV. One Sunday night we flipped on BYU TV and this show came on. It was talking about these really depressing stories of kids in foster homes with no hope, and people who had no healthcare, and we said to ourselves, “What is this depressing show?” But over the next hour as we watched, we were amazed as the stories unfolded and we learned about amazing, creative, selfless things that people were doing to help those around them.

The show features inspiring stories of people who see social problems around them and do something about it, often in innovative or big ways. It’s incredibly inspiring, and both of us have shed a few tears (well, more than a few, in my case) as we’ve watched the episodes. It’s so great to see people doing things for others, and also a great refreshing take on television: something that’s uplifting and real, and also high quality and very well done.

Want to watch for yourself? All of the episodes are online and you can watch them any time. Here are a few of our favorites. We really hope you check it out.

  • Josh’s Favorite: Echo Clinic and San Pasqual Academy Echo Clinic and San Pasqual Academy - Play Episode– This is the first episode we watched, and talks about an incredible new take on foster children care and education, as well as an incredible model of community-provided healthcare. So great!
  • Paige’s Favorite: Or really, one of many! It’s so hard to choose. But I love the story of Whitney Elementary Whitney Elementary - Play Episode– prepare to have your heartstrings tugged! An elementary school with a large population of homeless/underprivileged children finds donors to provide food, clothing, and more to its students.